ISSUE 1 l April l 2017

ISSUE 2 l March l 2018

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STandUP for Energy Webb

 STandUP for Wind is part of the Swedish Goverment's strategic research area STandUP for Energy. 

Our educational opportunities

KTH and Uppsala University's departments also offer courses and programs on wind power. You can find links to each department's educational offerings below.

Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Net-based courses – Wind Power Project Development

Master Programme in Wind Power Project Management

Uppsala University - Department of Electricity

Wind power - Technology and Systems

KTH - Mechanics

Wind Energy Aerodynamics

KTH - Electrical Power Systems

Wind Power Systems

STandUP for Wind licentiate and PhD theses (DiVA).

Energy related programs

Uppsala University - Department of Earth Sciences

Civil engineer program in Energy Systems

Uppsala University - Department of Electricity

Master Programme in Energy Systems

Conference teaching

EuroMech 576 - KTH course