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 STandUP for Wind is part of the Swedish Goverment's strategic research area STandUP for Energy. 


Network for Wind Utilization

The wind energy group at Uppsala University Campus Gotland is the node with responsibility for education and research questions within the national Network for Wind Utilization. The assignment includes creating compilations, summaries and analyses about education and research related to wind power in Sweden. The node also organizes regional and national seminars as well as education days for different target groups. The node’s work occurs in close collaboration with the university’s education and research as well as with collaboration with technical colleges, universities, government agencies, businesses, interest organizations and the general public.

PDFs and links from the Network (in Swedish):

For more information please contact:

Liselotte Aldén

Marita Engberg Ekman


Tailor-made seminars for the industry

As part of an effort to strengthen collaboration and to narrow the gap between industry and academia, STandUP for Wind offer joint seminars. These seminars are tailor-made to suit the respective company and aim to provide added value and mutual research progress by bridging gaps between the industrial approaches and state of the art research techniques. The subjects of the seminars are decided from discussions with representatives from each respective company and suitable researchers from STandUP for Wind.

In the past seminars about wind resource estimations have been conducted with leading wind energy companies in Sweden, but STandUP for Wind is interested and willing to offer seminars about topics like loads, operation and maintenance, sound propagation and public acceptance, etc.

For more information please contact:

Stefan Ivanell

News/Recent Events

'Wind-Farm optimization' free course at KTH, September 25-28, 2017.  Webinar on Wind Power and Birds 2017-09-11 from 14:00-15:00 (Swedish).

Vindkraft i Almedalen vecka 27 år 2017, en sammanställning.  Webinar on Energiöverenskommelsen and wind power's  social benefits 2017-06-12 from 14:00-15:00 (Swedish). Sound Webinar 1 is avialable here (Swedish)!

Erik Möllerström will defend his thesis- "Noise, eigenfrequencies and turbulence behavior of a 200 kW H-rotor vertical axis wind turbine", 13:00, April 17, 2017, Uppsala.

Akademiforum III för vindkraft den 28 mars i Uppsala! Programme and registration link as available here.

Seminar on "Power systems with nearly 100% renewable – Problems and solutions", March 16, 2017, from 15:15 - 16:45 at KTH

Stefan is highlighted as reseacher of the month at Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Yalin Huang will defend her thesis- "Economic Regulation Impact on Electricity Distribution Network Investment Considering Distributed Generation", 10:00, March 17, 2017, KTH.

Vindkraftsforskning i fokus konferens 2017, 3-4 april på Chalmers

Akademiforum III för vindkraft den 28 mars i Uppsala! Program och inbjudan kommer ut i början av februari.

Stefan Sjökvist will defend his thesis - "Demagnetization and Fault Simulations of Permanent Magnet Generators", 9:15, December 9, 2016, Uppsala University.

Senad Apelfröjd will defend his thesis - "Grid Connection of Permanent Magnet Generator Based Renewable Energy Systems", 9:00, November 25, 2016, Uppsala university.

Sound seminar, December 16, 2016, from 13 to 16 at KTH.

STandUP for Wind annual meeting 2016, October 27-28

Jon Olauson will defend his thesis, 'Modelling Wind Power for Grid Integration Studies', Friday 2016-11-04 @ 9:15 a.m. (Uppsala).

Stefan Ivanell is also a 'Topic organizer for Aerodynamics and noise' on the Torque 2016 conference.

Stefan Ivanell is a 'Topic Leader' at WindEurope Summit 2016

The challenges of distributed and renewable energy sources, Energiforsk seminar - Thursday 7 July, 08.00-12.00, Almedalspaviljongen, Donnersgatan 2, Visby. Register here (Swedish).

Spring StandUp Academy 2016 at Blåsenhus, Uppsala May 26 (Deadline to register May 17)

Seminar from the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate: Vilken påverkan har en ökad andel variabel elproduktion? (in Swedish)

Energiforsk livestreaming seminar - Reglering av ett framtida kraftsystem, Thursday the 17th of March from 13-16, (The seminar will be availabe for a month after this date and is in Swedish)

Sanna Mels will defend her doctoral thesis about wind power and local establishment processes on Tuesday the 22/3 at kl. 10.15.

Morgan Rossander will defend his licentiate "Blade force measurements and electrical torque ripple of a vertical axis wind turbine" Wednesday the 10/2 09:15.

STandUP for Wind members will take part in Euromech Colloquium 576 “Wind Farms in Complex Terrains” (8-10 June 2016)

Raphael Ebenhoch has recieved a prize from Vattenfall!

Vind 2015 4-5 November-
STandUP will hold 2 seminars!

Vindkraftsforskning i fokus conference 2015, 6-7 October i Uppsala.

Eduard Dyachuk will defend his thesis, 'Aerodynamics of vertical axis wind turbines. Development of simulation tools and experiments', Fr 2015-10-09 @ 9 a.m. (Uppsala).

Ola Eriksson will defend his licenciate thesis 'Numerical Computations of Wakes Behind Wind Farms' Wednesday 2015-08-25 at 10 a.m. (Visby).

Standup for Wind at Uppsala University and KTH provides one of the two strongest Swedish research environments for wind power according to a new evaluation! Read more here.

Camille Hamon will defend her thesis, 'Probabilistic security management for power system operations with large amounts of wind power', fr 2015-05-29 @ kl 9 (Stockholm).

This year's wind power prize goes to Professor Lennart Söder! (in Swedish)

Stefan Ivanell will present Uppsala University Campus Gotland's wind power education program the 9th of May kl 11-15 in Tallinn

Karl Nilsson will defend his thesis, "Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes and wake interaction" Thurs. 2015-06-04

The Swedish Acoustic Society's sound prize 2014 goes to the meteorologist Conny Larsson (link in Swedish)

New thesis on  the wind conditions over forrests

New licentiate thesis on Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: Tower Dynamics and Noise