Welcome to STandUP for Wind

The future expansion of wind power in Sweden faces many challenges. New knowledge and competencies are needed for businesses and government agencies to be able to successfully integrate electricity from wind power into the electrical network in an optimal way, to find suitable areas for building wind power parks and to place the turbines to best utilize wind conditions. 

STandUP for Wind is a research centre profiled towards planning and establishing wind energy in the Swedish electrical network. The centre is a collaboration between KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and Uppsala University but also includes research cooperation with both SLU and LTU as part of the government’s strategic STandUP for Energy research area.

According to an Energy Agency initiated review STandUP for Wind is a strong research environment, especially in the areas of project development and grid conditions.

The centre has a turnover of approximately 40 million Swedish crowns for its research, education and communications activities and involves nearly 50 persons.