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Research area and research group

KTH - Department of Mechanics is part of the Linne FLOW Centre, a centre of excellence in the fundamental and applied fluid-dynamic research. Research within the department is carried out in many different areas and the department houses among other things wind tunnels that are used for research within the wind energy field.

Wind energy research has been conducted for more than 30 years with investigations related to several different topics such as wind turbine wakes and active control strategies, actuator disk modeling, wind turbine interaction and atmospheric boundary layer studies.

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Wind-energy related projects

Projects that are currently ongoing or completed within the last few years

  • VR, Rambidrag för strategisk energiforskning (Sponsored by Swedish Research Council), from 2014-2018, contact person: Antonio Segalini, KTH-Mek

  • Wake physics and farm control (Sponsored by Energimyndigheten), contact person: Antonio Segalini, KTH-Mek

  • Vindkraft i skog II (Sponsored by Vindforsk), contact person: Antonio Segalini, KTH-Mek

  • Active wake control (Sponsored by Elforks and Vindforsk), contact person: Antonio Segalini, KTH-Mek

  • Wind over forest (Sponsored by Vindforsk III) from 2010-2013, completed

  • Nordic Consortium on Wind Farm Optimization and Control from 2009-2013, completed





Research area


Dan Henningson


Stability and transition, computational fluid dynamics, wake instability


Henrik Alfredsson


Transitional and turbulent flows, experimental fluid dynamics


Jens Fransson


Transition in boundary layers, wakes

Senior Lecturer

Philipp Schlatter


Transitional and turbulent flows, computational fluid dynamics


Stefan Ivanell


Wind-turbine wakes, wind-energy simulations


Antonio Segalini


Turbulent flows, Wind-energy modelling
Graduate student Vitor Kleine vitok@mech.kth.se

Wind-energy related publications

You can find these publications in the DIVA database.

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