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Wind energy research at the Luleå University of Technology (LTU) covers a number of different areas which are all related to the topic of wind power in cold climates. The focus of this research is on loads during icing, flow changes due to ice built-up on the blades, how icing occurs, including ice-detection, and operation of de-icing systems. Research is also conducted on other problems related to the operation of wind turbines in cold climates such as, for example, those caused by cold-starts or changes in loads. The research is based on both experimental work as well as modeling. In addition to the operational problems the research interest extends to one of the biggest challenges faced by the power system: the integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Wind-energy related projects

Currently ongoing or done within the last few years.

  • Vibrations and loads on wind turbines with icing (Sponsered by Energimyndigheten)

  • Development of tools to study the micromechanics of icing in-connection to wind-power plants (LTU internal)

  • Harmonic Distortion and wind turbines (Sponsored by Elforsk, Energimyndigheten, Skellefteå Kraft, ABB)

Staff (Involved with wind power)

Titel Name/Surname E-mail Research area
Professor Staffan Lundström Fluid Mechanics, Fluid and Experimental Mechanics
Professor Math Bollen Electric Power Engineering
Assistent Professor Pär Marklund Machine Elements
Associate Senior Lecturer Johan Casselgren Experimental Mechanics, Fluid and Experimental Mechanics


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