Wind energy activities at Uppsala University, Division of Electricity

Research area and research group 

The Division of Electricity at Uppsala University researches in electrical energy generation, energy conversion and use. Research in renewable energy sources is focused on energy from wind, waves, hydro and ocean currents.

Our research in wind power increases the understanding and potential of the new vertical-axis technology. It has has both niche applications, such as turbulent environments and noise sensitive installations as well as large-scale applications for wind power installations bigger than 10 MW and floating offshore technology. The Division is also working with permanent magnet generators, electrical systems and control systems for wind turbines. The specific research areas include the demagnetization of permanent magnets, generators with new types of magnetic material and innovative wind turbine control systems. The yearly research budget for wind power from external sources is approximately 5 million SEK per year.

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Wind-energy related projects

Currently ongoing or completed within the last few years.

  • SAVANT: SAVonius turbine for ANTarktis

  • Minskar produktionen hos vindkraftverk över tid?, 2015-2017, Vindforsk

  • Centrum för naturkatastrofslära CNDS, Uppsala University, contact person: Anders Goude, UU-Teknik

  • Vindprojekt Falkenberg, Uppsala University, contact person: Anders Goude, UU-Teknik

  • Wind energy project Falkenberg, Konstruktion och testing av elsystem för vindkraft (Sponsored by Vertical Wind AB), completed

  • Grundläggande studier av magnetiska egenskaper hos permanentmagneter i elektriska maskiner, (Sponsored by Vetenskapsrådet), completed

  • Design of diode rectified permanent magnet generators, Sponsored by (ÅForsk - Ångpanneföreningen's Foundation for R&D), completed

  • CFE – Centrum för förnybar elenergiomvandling, Swedish centre for renewable electric energy conversion, Renewable generation from wind, wave and flowing water (Sponsored by Energy authority, Vinnova, Statkraft), completed

  • Experimental validation of simulations for a vertical axis wind turbine (Sponsored by J. Gust. Richert Foundation), completed

  • Stora långsamtgående kabellindade PM generatorer för direktdrivande vindkraftverk (Sponsored by Energimyndigheten), completed

  • Utvärdering av prototyp vertikalaxlat vindkraftverk (Sponsored by Energimyndigheten), completed

  • Modular generator for vertical axis wind turbines (Sponsored by the Göran Gustafsson Foundation), completed


Title Name Mail address Research Area
Professor Hans Bernhoff  Vertical axis wind turbine systems
Professor Mats Leijon Mats.Leijon@  Vertical axis wind turbine systems
Associate professor Sandra Eriksson  Generators and electrical systems
Associate professor Marcus Berg  Wind resources and aerodynamics
Associate professor Mikael Bergkvist  Wind power in the power system
Associate professor Anders Goude  Vertical axis turbine aerodynamics
PhD student Morgan Rossander  Vertical axis turbine aerodynamics
Researcher Jon Olauson  Vertical axis turbine control systems and electrical systems
PhD student Per Ribbing  LCA for vertical axis turbines
PhD student Petter Eklund  Permanent magnet generators
PhD student Victor Mendoza  Vertical axis turbine aerodynamics
PhD student Erik Möllerström  Mechanics and sound measurements for vertical axis turbines

Wind-energy related publications

You can find these publications in the DIVA database.

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