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The reliability and the associated operation and maintenance costs of wind turbines and their related equipment are largely determined very early in their respective life cycles. Despite this operations and maintenance optimization in existing parks is still of importance, primarily due to its ability to increase the effectivity of the equipment but also as a means of learning for future project investments. The RCAM group is dedicated to the identification of the correlations which can lead to better operations and maintenance. How existing information is used is also a large part of the work done by the group.

KTH - Department of Electromagnetic Engineering

Wind-energy related projects

  • Dynamic rating for wind power with goal of studying of the effect of dynamic rating application in wind industry, better resource utilization of existing primary equipment, cost effective wind production and increased wind power production.

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Docent Patrik Hilber patrik.hilber@ee.kth.se Operation and maintenance
PhD student Kateryna Morozovska kmor@kth.se Operation and maintenance

Wind-energy related publications