KTH - The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory

Research area and research group

The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory of sound and vibration research has been conducting research within the field of wind turbine noise within the last ten years.  The covered topics are mainly within the field of sound propagation and sound perception.

Earlier projects have included investigating masking of wind turbine noise of background sound and long range sound propagation of wind turbine noise both over water and over land.

As of 2014 efforts to start consolidating the knowledge on noise generation will start.

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Wind Energy Related Projects

Currently ongoing or completed within the last few years.

  • SWIP (Sponsored by EU), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Människors upplevelser av ljud från vindkraftverk i kuperad terräng relaterad till ljudmätning (Sponsored by Vindval), Contact person: Conny Larsson, UU/Geo

  • Studie av kontrollprogram av buller vid vindkraftverk (Sponsored by Vindval), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Mask I & II (Sponsored by VindForsk), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Avancerad modellering av ljudutbredning i komplex terräng (Sponsored by STEM), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • SARCADE (Sponsored by FORMAS), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Hanö (Sponsored by ÅF), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Kunskapssammanställning om infra- och lågfrekvent ljud från vindkraftverk (Sponsored by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL

  • Störningar från Vindkraftsbuller, en komparativ studie av ljudkvalité (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency), Contact person: Karl Bolin, KTH/MWL





Research area


Mats Åbom




Gunilla Efraimsson



Guest professor

Ilkka Karasalo


Sound propagation

Assistant professor

Karl Bolin


Sound propagation and impacts on people

Post doctor

Jesper Alvarsson


Sound propagation and impacts on people

Post doctor

Amir Rasam



Wind-energy related publications

You can find these publications in the DIVA database.

K. Bolin, M. Almgren, E. Olsson, I Karasalo (2014), Long term estimations of low frequency noise levels over water from an off-shore wind farm,Journal of Acoustical Society of America

K. Bolin, A. Kedhammar, M. E. Nilsson, (2012), The Influence of Background Sounds on Loudness and Annoyance of Wind Turbine Noise, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 98, 741-748.

K. Bolin, G. Bluhm, G. Eriksson and M. E. Nilsson (2011), Infrasound and low frequency noise from wind turbines: exposure and health effects, Environmental. Reearchs. Letters. 6.

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