Copyright holder: Vattenfall                                                          Title: Horns Rev 1 Wind Farm  Photographer Christian Steiness. The Photo was taken the 12th of February 2008 13.00 o'clock

Our Research

With our interdisciplinary work we aim to enable more wind power to be placed into electricity networks. We will do this by responding to relevant questions regarding how to plan for wind power in the best ways possible within our research areas.

By cooperating and sharing information between our fields of research we are able to better plan and integrate wind energy. This cooperation allows us to have a clearer understanding of both our specific research topics as well as the bigger picture.

Our various competencies are connected by gathering our areas of research together under a single common platform. This interconnectedness allows us to capitalize on the resulting synergies.

Ongoing projects 2019

Wind surveying and cold climates

Where and at what height are the favourable wind conditions? How do wind parks affect each other at great distances?

Contact for wind surveying: Johan Arnqvist, UU-Geo,

Contact for cold climate: Johan Casselgren, LTU,

Fluid dynamics for wind turbines in parks and forests

How should we place wind turbines to avoid them affecting one another more than is necessary? How do individual turbines capture the wind? How is wind slowed? How is it distributed thoughout entire wind power parks?  

Contact: Stefan Ivanell, UU-Geo & KTH-Mek,

Electrical systems 

How should the energy produced be integrated into electricity networks and the electrical system? How does electricity from wind power affect planning, construction and regulation of the electricity network?

Contact: Lars Herre, KTH-EE,


How do wind conditions affect the sound generation and dispersion? How can we avoid those living nearby being affected by turbine noise or otherwise having their environment worsened? 

Contact: Karl Bolin, KTH-MWL,

Vertical axis turbine development

How can vertical axis and direct drive turbines be best utilized?

Contact: Hans Bernhoff, UU-Tekn,

Generators and control systems

How do you design a permanently magnitized generator for a wind turbine? How do the different control systems for a single turbine and for the entire park function?

Contact: Hans Bernhoff, UU-Tekn,

Landscape and participatory planning

What are the consequences for planning of wind power from a landscape point of view? How can participatory planning for wind power be conceived and developed? These themes include perspectives on landscape from landscape ecology, human geography, and environmental justice.

Contact: Sanna Mels, Campus Gotland,

Operations and maintenance

Contact: Patrik Hilber,