Microphone placed near the Dragaliden wind park


Below you can find a list of both ongoing and completed projects related to sound from turbines that StandUP for Wind's members have been involved in as well as a selection of related publications from StandUP's members.

Ongoing projects

  • SWIP
  • Study of control programs for wind parks (Sponsored by Vindval)
  • Human perception of sound from wind turbines in complex terrain related to sound measurement (Sponsored by Vindval)

Completed projects

  • Ljud från vindkraftverk (Sponsored by Energimyndigheten)
  • Mask I & II (Sponsored by VindForsk)
  • Avancerad modellering av ljudutbredning i komplex terräng (STEM)
  • Hanö (ÅF)
  • Kunskapssammanställning om infra- och lågfrekvent ljud från vindkraftverk (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Störningar från Vindkraftsbuller, en komparativ studie av ljudkvalité (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)


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