Wind surveying and cold climates

Below you can find a list of both ongoing and completed projects related to Wind surveying and cold climates that StandUP for Wind's members have been involved in as well as a selection of related publications from StandUP's members.

Ongoing projects

  • Wind power in cold climate - modelling of icing and production losses (sponsored by Swedish Wind Energy Agency, 2013-2016)

  • Wind power in forests II (sponsored by Vindforsk IV, approximately 2014-2017)

Completed projects

  • ICEWIND (Sponsored by Toppforskningsinitiativet), from 2011-2014

  • Wind power in cold climates (sponsored by Vindforsk III, 2009-2013)

  • Wind power in forests (sponsored by Vindforsk III, 2009-2013)